New Years Resolution – Take Care of Yourself By Jocelyn Kinch, RMT

In today’s fast-paced society, we often let ourselves become neglected.  We work hard, take care of our families, and enjoy time with our friends and colleagues.  But what about yourself?  Do you spend quality time with YOU?

Here is an exercise/experiment to try:  take yourself out on a date.  Go do something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  It can be anything!  Go see a movie, go out for dinner, go get a massage, or go to the symphony – as long as it’s alone.  Learning to spend quality time alone is crucial for our well-being.  Many people today do not take time out for themselves and it is taking a toll on our health.  Spending quality time with yourself will put you more in touch with your true feelings and desires, as well as your body.  It is also sending a very powerful message to your inner self:  I am important, and worthy to spend time with.  I view myself as a friend with whom I want to spend quality time.  I honour my feelings and desires.  It is okay to spend time with myself and only myself.

We often worry about meeting the needs of others before our own, and that is okay – but only up until a certain point.  If we exhaust ourselves, we are unable to be the best version of ourselves for others.  We all know what burning ourselves out feels like, and it is not good!  Additionally, if you have children, taking time for yourself is a lesson they should absolutely learn, and you should lead by example!  Children should learn that it is okay to spend time alone and it is important to reserve time that is just for you.  It helps teach independence, self-confidence, and increases our self-awareness.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I care deeply about each and every one of my clients, and I do as much as I can to help reduce your levels of stress and pain.  But nothing fulfills me more than seeing people learn to take care of themselves!  Each time someone comes in for a massage, I am genuinely happy that they have taken this time for them and them alone – to relax, recharge, and honour that their bodies need an hour or so of uninterrupted time in solitude.  As an RMT I am here to facilitate your choice to honour yourself, and I do so with great pride and joy.

Try it!  Take yourself on a date, and see how good it feels to spend some quality time with you.  And if you choose to take that time to care for your body, we at Sellars Chiropractic and Wellness Centre will be here to guide you and provide your care.  Remember:  you are worth it!