Heather is a lifelong enthusiast of complementary healthcare and has been running her own manual therapy business since 2019 where she has enjoyed working with a wide variety of patients.  She has a Master in Practice diploma of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy’s four-year education program where she was recognized for her outstanding academic achievement.  She is a registered member of the OOA (Ontario Osteopathic Association) under the national association of OSTCAN (Osteopathy Canada).

Heather’s primary focus in her Osteopathic practice is to facilitate health through improved mobility; when the body moves well, its ability to heal and grow stronger is greatly increased.  Her treatments are from a principles-based approach utilizing such techniques as myofascial release, muscle energy, strain-counterstrain, and gentle joint mobilization all while keeping in mind the connections and interdependence between all body systems and structures, only working on what needs to be treated.  She believes, as Dr. Still believed, “An osteopath is taught that Nature is to be trusted to the end…” which means that the practitioner respects and works with the body’s innate ability to self-heal and self-regulate.

Using osteopathic manual therapy, Heather can help with improving blood flow, nerve communication, and lymphatic drainage throughout the body.  She is also able to help with a wide array of health issues including, but not limited to, breathing difficulties, headaches/migraines, digestive disorders, and reproductive disturbances, along with chronic and acute muscle and joint dysfunction.

She is an avid learner and continues to acquire knowledge of functional anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics so that she can provide each patient with an effective and customized treatment.