CRW_8878While chiropractic is largely associated with the spine as being its sole focus of treatment, quite the opposite is true. Modern chiropractors treat a vast range of conditions involving not only the spine and back, but also the extremities; from shoulders to fingertips, and hips to toes. Chiropractors have an extremely in-depth knowledge on the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body, and are trained to address conditions from the source, not just the symptoms.


CRW_8931This condition is classic amongst those who spend large amounts of time sitting stationary at a desk. It creates a “hunched” posture with the head sitting forward and the shoulders rolled.


CRW_8951Knee injuries occur when abnormal forces or loads are placed on the knee. Chiropractors are trained in the orthopedic examination of knees, and have in-depth knowledge of leading-edge rehabilitation.


CRW_8954Ankle sprains come in varying grades of severity which require different levels of intervention.

>     Shoulder Pain

CRW_8944The shoulder is a complex region comprised of many muscles, nerves, and joints. Shoulder pain may be due to problems with any of these structures, or it can be referred pain from the neck.

>     Wrist Pain

CRW_8940The best way to look at wrist pain is by describing the character of the pain itself. Pain that creates a numb or tingling sensation is more likely to be due to a problem with nerve conduction.

>     Neck Pain

CRW_8947Neck pain is extremely common, and comes in many forms . While some people experience neck pain as a gradual-onset, stiff and tight sensation that worsens throughout their day, others suffer from a sharp pain that comes on suddenly, often upon waking or after a jerky head movement.

>     Low Back Pain

CRW_8933Low back pain is a broad term that can mean many things to different people. While some types of back pain are due to a muscular sprain/strain injury in the low back and can be resolved quickly and efficiently with proper treatment and rehabilitation, other types of pain are more complicated.

>     Plantar Fasciitis

CRW_8956Plantar fasciitis is caused by a combination of improper biomechanics and repetitive movements. The strain that occurs in the plantar fascia, a fibrous band which runs from your heel to your toes, causes inflammation, degeneration, and pain.

>     Headaches

CRW_8936A headache is a common phenomenon that most people have experienced at some point in their lives. While some people get headaches rarely or occasionally and relate them to dehydration or pressure changes, others experience headaches on a somewhat regular, or even frequent basis.